Mayonnaise: The All-Around Must Have Condiment

Only able to afford one more thing on your grocery list? Not sure what condiment to keep stocked in your living quarters? Mayonnaise is the answer to both of these predicaments. It’s the most versatile, inexpensive ingredient ever. With mayonnaise, you can:

1. Make a sandwich
2. Add ketchup to create thousand island dressing
3. Add garlic and/or any herb to create aioli
4. Make tuna/chicken/egg/seafood/potato salad
5. Make a salad dressing (e.g. ranch or bleu cheese)
6. Make deviled eggs
7. Make honey mustard sauce

Whew! That’s a lot of yum with just one constant ingredient! What else do you use mayonnaise for?

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How to Get Bleach to Stain the Right Things

You all know how frustrating it is. You’re cleaning something with bleach or with a product containing bleach and BOOM! You get some on you accidentally. Your pajamas, your pants, your socks…it can get ugly. Solution? When you’re cleaning, make sure to wear white things. For instance, whenever I clean the bathtub, I wear my white ankle socks which, frankly, could use a good whitening. So when bleach accidentally gets on them, it’s actually a good thing!
Remember: don’t buy new, brighten old ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Speed Up the Moisturizing Process – Unisex!

Guys and girls, there’s an easy and cheap way to moisturize your skin quickly – Vaseline! You can use it on anything – your hands, elbows, legs, and even your face! Just apply a thin layer of Vaseline to whatever area you choose and let it sit there for at least 10 minutes. Then you can wash it off and voila! Gorgeously moisturized skin in no time! Much cheaper and quicker than many name brand alternatives – it’s only $2-3. So the next time you have an upcoming date and you notice hands are simply too chapped to hold, Vaseline it up!

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Girls: Don’t Reheat that Iron!

You know how sometimes you miss a spot when you iron your shirt and when you put it on, that lone wrinkle drives you nuts? Here’s a great trick to solve that problem. None of us like to take off our shirts just to iron that little spot, so when you’re straightening or curling your hair, use that heated appliance to get the wrinkle out. I find it works best with a straighter and I can just pull my shirt away from my body and straighten it like hair. WARNING: don’t burn yourself! Be very careful not to touch your skin with your straightening or curling iron.

I’ve tried just running my straightener closed over the wrinkled spot, but it doesn’t work the same as taking the shirt between the two irons like hair.

So now you can save electricity and time by not reheating that iron all over again! Make sure to look for that 25 cent savings on your bill ๐Ÿ˜‰ Every penny is worth it!

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Shop Asian Brands for Asian Products

I really love making Asian food of any kind, especially Japanese food, but one thing I’ve noticed is that there’s a lot of varied pricing among Asian products. Sesame oil, fish sauce, rice vinegar, and all that jazz can vary a huge amount in price from brand to brand. I’ve found pretty consistently that authentic Asian brands are much cheaper than the better known typical brands like Thai Kitchen – they have great stuff, but let’s get real with the prices! I’ve paid up to $3 less and gotten more product by buying Asian brands. Check your local Wegmans and Target for brands like Kadoya, Nakano, and Tiparos, all very well priced brands which offer larger amounts of their great products for much cheaper.

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And the Plant Sales Begin!

As you may already know, I really love plants. Especially when they make the office a less lonely/boring/drab place. And so I happened to find some mini Daffodils on sale for only $2! They’re planted in a ceramic pot and everything, so I’d say it’s worth the price just to get the ceramic pot. The mini Daffys are called Tete-a-Tetes and they are really adorable and bloom beautifully. What a great addition to the cactus I bought last summer! (And that cactus is now enormous…update to come.) Check your local supermarkets for plant sales – you can probably find some on small plants that already have their own containers. Yay!

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Skip the Gym – Tone Your Thighs in the Car

It sounds impossible, I know. You’re thinking “How can I possibly tone my thighs in the car? And wouldn’tย it be dangerous?” Fortunately for you, it is possible and it’s not dangerous. Here’s what I do:

  1. Set your car seat back from the steering wheel so that you can easily reach the gas and brake with the ball of your foot.
  2. DON’T put your heel on the floor of the car! Hold it up so that you’re only using the ball of your foot on the gas and the brake.

Voila! Drive like this and you’ll feel the burn in no time! It works the top of your thigh, especially near the knee. Eventually your leg will develop those muscles better and it won’t burn anymore, which means you’ve accomplished your goal. But don’t stop there! Keep doing it to keep that muscle strong! You’ll soon find that climbing multiple flights of stairs isn’t as hard on your thighs anymore.

I know what you’re thinking next. “But now one leg will be toned and the other will be flopsy.” All you have to do is put your other leg in a straight up and down position and lift it up a little. WARNING: make sure your concentration is only on the road and NOT on your workout! Extra fab thighs are not worth a car accident! Just do these two things, force yourself to concentrate on the road, maybe throw on some music, and soon you’ll forget you’re working those muscles! So I guess in effect you could say…Set it and forget it!

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